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SGR at the “Seismic Characterisation of Carbonate Platforms and Reservoirs” Conference

seismic scale outcrop of Upper-Cretaceous carbonate ramp (Mt. Parnassus, Greece)

Strata GeoResearch will be at the Seismic Characterisation of Carbonate Platforms and Reservoirs Conference at the Geological Society of London ( on 10 and 11 October 2018 with Giovanni Rusciadelli, Cristiano Ricci and Peter Shiner.

We will present a poster on the seismic characteristics of Mediterranean Isolated Carbonate Platforms (MICPs), which summarizes the results of a paper we recently published on The Leading Edge (

It will be very stimulating to discuss on carbonates around the world with experts from Industry and Academia, and we hope contributing to generate ideas on Mediterranean isolated carbonates.

Let’s meet and talk there…

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