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"a means of solving a (geo-)problem or dealing with a difficult (geo-)situation"


noun | geo |ɡjəʊ |ˈdʒiːəʊ |

noun | səˈluː.ʃən | səˈluː.ʃən | 

geo-expertise to improve E&P projects

We provide a full range of geological services that may help to identify more easily and quickly the best solutions during the exploration and exploitation phases

We support the Client to better address challenges across the E&P workflow, providing a deeper comprehension of the surface and the subsurface and enhancing the regional-to-reservoir understanding and modeling.

This will help exploration in identifying new opportunities and facilitating predictive modeling, as well as appraisal and development to fine-tuning the reservoir knowledge and optimise the decision processes.

At different scales of investigation, from regional/basin extension to a single reservoir, we deliver to our clients:


Geo - Services

  • Field work

  • Carbonate sedimentology and biostratigraphy (core description, petrography, ...)

  • Sequence stratigraphy interpretation

  • Integrated subsurface geo-modeling and review (seismic interpretation, wireline log analysis, core analysis)

  • Play fairways

Geo - modeling

  • Digital outcrop modeling

  • 3D geological modeling

  • Geological bodies geometries, volumes and parameters

DataBase &

GIS projects

We create databases from Client’s analog or digital datasets, moving from Data to Knowledge:

  • Well log digitisation

  • Map digitisation and geo-referencing

  • Database build and data mining

Dataroom support


We support the Client with our expertise in carbonate sedimentology and biostratigraphy in its data room evaluations. We can either attend the dataroom or work with data supplied in client’s office or in our office.

Independent reports


  • Prospective Resources Report

  • Competent Person Report

  • Independent Third Party Report

  • Hydrocarbon Template Report

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