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Back home from the “Seismic Characterisation of Carbonate Platforms and Reservoirs” Conference

Flying back from a good two-days conference in London at the Seismic Characterisation of Carbonate Platforms and Reservoirs Conference at the Geological Society of London. A lot of interest around our poster on Seismic Characterization of Mediterranean Isolated Carbonate Platforms (MICPs). We reviewed some key features of MICPs, illustrating 1. The petroleum system elements of ICP plays; 2. Their main seismic and geological features; 3. Slope features as significant criteria for subsurface identification; 4. Reservoir scale seismic facies details; 5. Limitation of seismic imaging and sub-seismic scale features, and contribution of outcrop analogues.

A key theme of the meeting was the use of seismic characteristics to identify Isolated Carbonate Platforms (ICP) in the subsurface and their distinction from other geomorphologically similar elements. The conference highlighted several possible ways to deal with this issue, such as the application of scorecards or the creation of databases of seismic response. On this, interesting presentation have been held by #equinor and #repsol.

We wish to thanks the organization and the people who has spent time talking to us: we learned a lot, and hope to have left a good impression on our work. If you'd like to discuss seismic interpretation issues relating to carbonate systems, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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