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E&P opportunities in Italy

noun |ˌɒp.əˈtʃuː.nə.ti |ˌɑː.pɚˈtuː.nə.t̬i |

"an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something"

expertise to deliver results

Italy, a country with:

  • a huge demand for oil&gas

  • small-to-medium sized gas and oil projects to be developed, with the potential for larger discoveries

  • several E&P companies

  • potential for gas storage

  • known play-types with exploration upside

  • room to explore and prove new play concepts


According to the Ministry for Economic Development, the country still holds a large volume of reserves to be developed, being the 5th Country in EU for its reserves (as of "2017 DataBook", Ministry for Economic Development):

  • 114 Billion cubic meter of gas

  • 1.6 Billion bbl of oil

We support the Client in evaluating, catching and progressing E&P opportunities in Italy.


Database (seismic & well logs)

data make the difference

  • GIS-based database of subsurface data (well logs, seismic lines, technical reports)

  • Surface analogues studies, geological and seismic modeling

  • Report on basin, play types and block evaluations

  • Monthly update on the block changes

  • Alerts on E&P and Environment protection legislation

E&P reports

touch it with your hands

Synthetic reports on E&P development in Italy, with a focus on specific areas or on carbonate reservoirs.

The reports can be associated to short field courses and lectures on demand.


according to the law

Our experience in the Italian E&P regulatory framework and our capability to liaise with the Authorities will allow the client to maintain a steady time-to-market plan.


safety first

We support the client in fulfilling italian H&S regulatory requirements, and in integrating them with Client's H&S system and procedures. Our work  is delivered according to the worldwide best practices on H&S.


taking care

Our skill and expertise will help the client to assess, mitigate, monitor the environmental and social components potentially affected by the field activities, according to the worldwide best practices on environment protection and sustainability.

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