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noun | train·ing | ˈtreɪ.nɪŋ | ˈtreɪ.nɪŋ |

"the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity"

observation of outcropping rocks helps in maximizing the interpretation of subsurface data

Our training programme covers relevant topics on carbonate systems, with a progressive focus on exploration

Our proposed field seminars provide a practical and high-quality training experience with a problem solving approach, to maximise the transfer of information from the outcrops to the sub-surface. They are designed for: 

  • different skill levels, from early-career to experienced geoscientists;

  • both project geoscientists needing just-in-time familiarization with carbonate systems and carbonate specialists working with complex problems.

Different field seminars in different areas, as well as a wide range of office-based training course and seminars, can be arranged according to our client's requirements.


Training Programme


Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy of Carbonate Systems

Seismic and Sequence stratigraphy techniques provide an in-depth understanding of regional geology and evolution of passive continental margins. This field seminar focuses on the application of seismic and sequence stratigraphy to improve stratigraphic prediction and basin evaluation in carbonate systems


Introduction to Carbonate Petroleum Systems

The working mechanisms and evolution of a Carbonate Petroleum System, its key elements and processes, are illustrated in this field seminar through well exposed, multi-scale, spectacular outcrops and subsurface rich dataset of a proven and active petroleum system


Uncertainty and Risk Analysis in Carbonate Petroleum Exploration

Rich geophysical and geological datasets are incorporated, in this field seminar, to investigate the technical workflow of conventional exploration, for the evaluation of the O&G potential of a mature basin and the assessment of exploration risk at a basin scale


Carbonate Reservoirs of Tethys

Sub-seismic rock properties and geometries of different types of stratigraphic, fractured and complex carbonate reservoirs are the focus of this field seminar. Multi-scale observation of surface and sub-surface analogues of carbonate reservoirs developed in the Tethyan domain 

We carefully consider safety.

We plan our field trips minimizing the risks to our participants and our team.