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Sedimentary evolution of a coral-, microbialites- and debris-rich Upper Jurassic reef (u. Tithonian)

Research is part of the core activities of Strata. In this paper published on the last issue of Sedimentary Geology, Cristiano Ricci and Giovanni Rusciadelli, together with other relevant Authors, investigate a poorly documented Upper Jurassic reef of the eastern Sardinia (Italy), probably one of the most southerly reefs of the northern Tethys margin. The investigated reef portion corresponds to a shallow back-reef zone developed in back position with respect to a higher-energy platform edge. In this depositional setting, the arrival of large amounts of debris is interpreted as the result of the infilling process of the back-reef zone due to the progradation of a sand apron, during a long-term regional regressive phase.

The full paper is available in Open Access here: until October 10th.

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