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towards the future, looking at the past

delivering high quality services in carbonate geology

for the E&P industry

we deeply believe that a correct integration of surface and subsurface datasets gives value to E&P projects

STRATA GEORESEARCH is a top level spin-off firm of the University of Chieti-Pescara (Italy): a company established in 2017 to deliver multidisciplinary geoscience support to the E&P industry with the huge experience gained from our long activity on Mediterranean carbonate geology.



We aim to create a proactive synergy between the E&P industry and the Academy, through innovative applied research projects within the field of carbonate geology. Our primary focus is a correct integration between surface and subsurface data, to ensure a reliable and efficient management of advanced research programs addressed to E&P

bridging the gap

Our training programmes are designed to accommodate a range of skills, from project geoscientists and engineers needing just-in-time familiarisation with carbonate systems, to carbonate specialists working on complex problems

stay up to date

exploring in depth

Highly-focused reviews based on publicly available data and literature, integrated with original field data collected by Strata. The studies provide a deeper understanding of the geology of a region or a country and prepare for a more efficient evaluations of new opportunities

the right approach for different needs

Our solutions meet diversified advanced geological needs, both for surface and subsurface, providing technical and scientific services for the E&P industry

catch the opportunity

As part of our great experience on the geology and E&P in Italy, we are well positioned to support clients planning to catch E&P opportunities in Italy in proceeding with any regulatory request, Environmental Impact assessment, implementation and monitoring, and Health & Safety requirement

Who we are


Giovanni RUSCIADELLI, Geologist, PhD. Managing Director

Responsible for carbonate studies involving regional geology, sequence stratigraphy, field activity, core logging, microfacies studies and training programmes.

Associate Professor in Stratigraphy and Sedimentology at the University of Chieti-Pescara (Italy), with 25 years of experience on Mediterranean carbonate systems

Livio BURBI, Geologist, MSc

Responsible for subsurface studies involving regional geology, seismic and well log interpretation.

30 years' worldwide experience in the E&P, holding top positions as Exploration Manager and Managing Director at AGIP/Eni in several countries (Italy, Tunisia, Gabon, Ecuador, UK, Turkmenistan and Venezuela)

Riccardo CESTARI, Geologist, PhD

Responsible for research and biostratigraphy.

25 years' experience on carbonate sedimentology and biostratigraphy including benthic and planktonic foraminifera and calcareous algae of the Meso-Cenozoic; he collaborates with research Institutes and teached to Universities providing training to geoscientists in Italy and abroad.

Cristiano RICCI, Geologist, PhD

Responsible for carbonate studies involving field activity, core logging, microfacies studies and GIS projects.

10 years' experience on the whole range of Mesozoic and Tertiary carbonate systems from outcrops to thin section and cores

Peter SHINER, Geologist, MSc

Responsible for G&G studies.

25 years’ experience in E&P, with a broad G&G skills in basin screening, play and prospect evaluation, development of carbonate and fractured reservoirs, and seismic interpretation. He has held several positions, including senior roles in Exploration and General Management, and has contributed to exploration and development of carbonate systems in Italy, the Mediterranean and N Africa area and in S.E. Asia

Pierluigi VECCHIA, Geologist, PhD

Responsible for permitting, Health and Safety, Environmental Impact assessment, implementation, monitoring.

25' years experience in E&P: onshore and offshore regulatory, liaison with Authorities, HS&E and operations management. He held various positions, including Portfolio Manager and Operations Manager



INGEO, Dept. of Engineering & Geology

Univ. of Chieti Pescara

Via dei Vestini 31, 66100 CHIETI (ITALY)

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